Taakiri te ata

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Ngaa kaupapa me ngaa koorero miharo o Tainui, he koorero hangarau, taaiao, taapiri atu ki teerza ko ngaa puku kata o te ata.

He Puna me Pouti

Nou te puna nooku te Puna he Puna noo tua whakarere.

He matapihi ki ngaa raa o uki he matapihi ki ngaa raa kei tua.

He Puna me Pouti.


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Haakari Hakinakina

Haakari Haakinakina – A feast of Sport: Review the latest in local, national and international sport. Koorero with professionals and sporting identities in different sporting codes. Real deal rugby league hour where we discuss, debate and review all rugby league news, covering NRL, International, State of Origin and local league. The show started in 2006, we have been going strong for 11 years and will continue to do so for as long as sport is alive and well.